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Put our expertise to work for you. At Silber, Vasquez & Associates, we are proud to have received the following recognition for our exceptional coaching work with our clients from across the globe.

Damian Malagón Ibañez

Partner, Ibañez, Fernández del Castillo, Malagón, Mexico City

“Silber Vasquez's coaching has provided me with the tools to obtain new clients and build stronger relationships with the ones I already have. Building a Personal Brand, Marketing, Cross Collaboration and Active Listening aimed at providing legal services are not intuitive skills. Liza and Jeffrey have been magnificent teachers, coaches, and facilitators. Thanks to them I have increased the quantity and quality of the new legal work we are receiving, resulting in higher income for our law Firm.”
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Legal 500

In April 2023, Legal 500 held an award ceremony honoring the best Mexican lawyers and best Mexican law firms in various categories.  We are proud to report that forty-five of the nominees and twelve of the actual winners  are our current or past clients.  We can help you and your team achieve this level of effectiveness.

With your help, I have brought a couple of my own clients to the firm and I have become one of the significant rainmakers in our firm. Thank you, Liza and Jeffrey, so much for making this possible.

Steven ZOU, Partner, Liu Shin, Beijing, Largest and Oldest Intellectual Property law firm in China

"I took Jeffrey and Liza´s coaching program in a critical moment of my life. I was feeling vulnerable and wasn´t sure I had made the correct decision in my professional life. At that moment, I needed to believe in myself again and recover the confidence that I had lost.  This coaching program has contributed in enormous ways to my personal and professional development.  

In each session, we have focused on specific items such as my personal and professional life and goals, fears, and paradigms, which I never thought were obstacles for my development as a professional and human being.  

As your coaches, they share their expertise with their clients which makes the whole program worthwhile and different from any other.  

After nine months of taking the coaching program, I can say, ‘I have been able to recognize all my potential, values, personality, skills, and abilities, which have empowered me to keep going and pursuing my professional goals.'"

Sofia Gomez, Senior Associate, Creel Abogados, Mexico City

“Liza Vasquez and Jeffrey Silber are the best client development coaches for anyone that is seeking to generate their own client portfolio and become a rainmaker. They both have great practical advice that will help anyone to reach their goals but with a human and kind touch. They will become your friends in the process."

Lilliana Corzo, Partner, Litigio Estratégico y Compliance, Mexico City

"Silber & Vasquez are extraordinary, insightful and thoughtful coaches. They give their clients a high-level coaching experience. In my case, now I am achieving significantly better professional and personal results. Thank you for your coaching and I hope to see you again soon."

Dr. Thiago Vinícius Capella Giannattasio, Lawyer, Chiarottino & Nicolette Advogados, Sao Paulo, Brazil

“I would like to let you know that your coaching has helped me a lot in opening the new office in Rio de Janeiro and in making it a success! In the last three years I have broken a lot of my old paradigms, both in my personal and professional life. As a result, even in these difficult Brazilian economic crises, I have won many new clients; I became a partner in the firm; and in my personal life, I made choices that make me feel free and light.  Thank you for your coaching and I hope to see you again soon.”

Dra. Maís Moreno, Partner,  Ramires, Perez, Azevedo Marques Advogados, Rio de Janeiro

“At every conference and association meeting, other lawyers ask me how I became so skilled at meeting potential clients and so successful at closing new business. I explain that I was not always like this, that I learned from the best, Jeffrey Silber. He and his partner, Liza Vasquez, are life and business coach devoted to lawyers and law firms. They taught me the secrets of meeting decision makers and the most effective ways to get them to come to me without any uncomfortable selling pressure on my part.  I am constantly recommending them. If you want to be an effective rainmaker, let Liza and Jeffrey coach you.”

Jorge Gomez, Partner, Core-IP, Mexico City

“I want to thank Liza and Jeffrey for being the Life and Business Coaches to me and my team in both my prior law firm and since the founding of my new law firm. Not only have they helped us sharpen our skills in bringing new clients to the firm but also they have helped us individually and also helped us to create the team work we needed to launch the new firm well which resulted in being named One of the Most Admired Law Firms in Brazil for 2014 by Analise 500 magazine by the end of our first year of operations. For the outstanding services they provide, I recommend Silber, Vasquez & Associates to any law firm that wants to capture more clients and to improve its overall level of performance.”

Dr. Abrão Jorge Miguel Neto, Founding Partner of the Sao Paulo-based international law firm, AJ Law

“I have written three books on how to grow a legal practice, but when I need advice, I turn to Jeffrey Silber, he is a phenomenal coach.”

David King Keller, PhD, Award-Winning author, speaker and consultant

 “During these difficult economic times in Brazil, most lawyers are fighting over the same shrinking pool of possible clients.  Jeffrey showed me how to be creative. I went to San Francisco and Silicon Valley where I met with many new business contacts in established hi-tech firms and also startups. I returned with more than sixty new contacts that I would never have had without Jeffrey’s coaching. In fact, I would like to thank Jeffrey very much for being so kind with me by opening his contacts to me and making so many excellent introductions.  Jeffrey and his partner, Liza, are much more than coaches. When you hire them, you almost get a partner who truly cares about your success and they do everything they can to help you achieve your goals.”

Rodrigo de Souza Leite, Partner, Mendes Barreto & Souza Leite, Sao Paulo

“The coaching sessions were of enormous value, combining a profound analysis of each individual’s strengths, difficulties and concerns with deep discussions regarding relevant custom-made techniques and methods.”
(Edit: Melina has since become a partner of the law firm based on her successfully implementing what she learned in our Marketing program)

Mellina Galvanin, Partner, Suchodolski Advogados Associados, São Paulo, Brazil

The Mexican law firm, Nader, Hayaux Goebel was named 2015 Mexican National Law Firm of the Year by Chambers & Partners and the 2015 North America Innovative Law Firm of the Year by the Financial Times. Yves Hayaux Du Tilly L., a partner of the firm in their London office offered this testimonial about our services.

“Your insight, dynamics and contributions constituted a solid ground from which we have been building what is today the best Mexico law firm (as ranked by Chambers & Partners). Thank you for being part of the process and your contributions to the success of a group of talented individuals that form an awesome team.”

Yves Hayaux Du Tilly L., Partner, Nader, Hayaux, Goebel, Mexico City

"The coaching sessions with Liza and Jeffrey helped me to enhance my professional capabilities with my personal convictions, they provided me with the knowledge to exploit efficiently attributes that were already inside of me as the most important tool to continue with my professional career. Thank you both very much."

Elías Adam Bitar, Partner, Ernst & Young, San Diego

"The Coaching sessions were an eye opener on the many business opportunities we were not taking advantage of. I believe it was a wise investment of our time and money."

Luis Alberto Aziz, Partner, Aziz & Kaye Abogados, Mexico City

“I can gladly assure you that you have exceeded our expectations. These months of your program have been a rich experience for me and my partners. And your teaching and coaching have allowed me to think more efficiently about my work as a partner in our law firm and even how I conduct my personal life in a better way which is essential to my professional success. Besides all this, it was a great pleasure to receive your solid and useful advice wrapped in your lively spirit and great sense of humor."

Fábio Barbalho Leite, Partner, Manesco, Ramires, Perez, Azevedo Marques – Advocacia

“The positive results of the program are visible in my day-by-day actions and in my daily life. This training program was worthwhile and helped me overcome many obstacles to improving the exposure of our work and improving the image of the firm. The differential in the method of exposing ourselves and our work is helping the course participants to discover their own way to show up their qualities and value, without imposing previous models that don’t work at the end of the day. Moreover, the training was great because it made it feasible to trace a step-by-step plan of action for implementing and measuring the marketing results. I definitely recommend it."

Ana Carolina F. de Melo Brito, Partner, Trigueiro Fontes Advogados, Recife, Brazil

“The coaching sessions provided by Jeffrey and Liza were a superb opportunity to get a better understanding of myself and how to present myself in a professional and efficient manner. I have become much better at obtaining new clients and the knowledge I gained from Jeffrey and Liza were in part responsible for my becoming a partner in the law firm. I am very grateful to them for the boost to my career that their program gave me. I highly recommend their coaching sessions to everyone who wishes to gain visibility in the crowded legal market.”

Ivan Luvisotto, Partner, Suchodolski Advogados Associados, São Paulo, Brazil

"Highly insightful, the coaching course helped train a new way of thinking at how to best market oneself (and one's law-firm) so as to attract more clients. Especially praiseworthy was the individual attention devoted to every participant of the program, going beyond mere vague advice to actually dedicating long periods of time towards developing the potential of each individual in a one-to-one coaching system."

Gabriel Herscovici, Associate, Suchodolski Advogados Associados, São Paulo, Brazil

“Jeff's and Liza's coaching has been extremely helpful. They not only provided specific techniques which have helped me target my marketing efforts, but also they provided priceless help in analyzing professional alternatives.”

Fernando Alonso-De-Florida, Partner, Jauregui, Navarrete y Nader SC, Mexico City

"When I first heard about Silber-Vasquez' program I understood it as a marketing course for lawyers and law firms. Of course it sounded interesting, as we all know the importance of marketing and the fact that this program was designed for lawyers was enough to get my attention.

After completing the program, I learned much more about myself, my abilities and my areas of opportunity, my team, my clients and my job. At the end of the day, what coaching has done in my practice is just the impact in that aspect of my life of a whole change of paradigm in my life. Marketing is, thus, just another consequence. It is not like seeing the light for the first time; it is more like learning to see the light that was already there but you simply needed to stand in a different position to fully see it."

Juan Pablo Martinez Velasco, Partner SAI Law & Economics, Mexico City

“It was a pleasure to meet you, Jeff and Liza, and have the opportunity to learn from your knowledge and experience. After many technical training programs that I have taken during my professional career, I can tell you that program Marketing Professional Services from the Inside Out is different because it shows another perspective of professional behavior toward current clients, potential clients, peers and in general toward our entire professional environment in order to obtain new clients and more business opportunities.

Also the literature you gave us to accompany the program together with the "homework" you gave us deepened our understanding of what we learned during the course. In my personal opinion this non-technical training dramatically improved our personal marketing style. Many thanks for all your effort and dedication.“

Guillermo Uribe, Partner, Deloitte Tax & Legal Services, Mexico City

“I have to say that your coaching helped me in improving my self-confidence in giving me tips on what are the important things about “marketing.” Of course, this is an everyday task that is not going to be complete in one month. Many thanks to Jeffrey and Liza.”

Rafael Torres Raba, Partner, Andersen Tax & Legal, Mexico City

“Jeff and Liza demonstrated real understanding and care of our needs and concerns. They gave me great business development coaching and excellent tips not only for my professional, but also my personal life. They motivated positive changes in me and taught me effective action items to follow up. It is the first time I receive coaching that was realistic, practical and useful for me. Thank you for all your help!”

Azucena Marin, Partner, Cuesta Campos Abogados, Guadalajara and Mexico City

“Thank you very much for all your effort and interest in helping us raise our consciousness about what is important in our relationship with clients. This was a good experience for me because I now realized that human connections are a differentiator from competitors.”

Damian Cecilio, Director, Deloitte Tax & Legal Services, Mexico City

“With your help we were able to see our blind spots and to restart our client development efforts in a new direction.”

Rafael Romo, Partner, Romo Pailles, Mexico City

“Liza and Jeffrey helped us not just by teaching us the keys to quality legal marketing through fostering simple human links to potential and current clients, but also they have helped us rediscover the fundamentals of what brought us together as a law firm.”

Mauricio Ambrosi Herrera, Partner, Turanzas, Bravo & Ambrosi, Mexico City

“Jeffrey and Liza’s coaching helped me build my confidence by making me realize my strong points and how to make better use of them. Together, we developed successful tailor-made marketing strategies that best suited my individual characteristics.”

Eduardo Tunchel, Associate, Montgomery & Associados, São Paulo, Brazil

"My experience with Jeffrey and Liza has helped me to better understand the different challenges and opportunities when facing a potential client as well as the relevance of the human connection."

Gabriel Bustamante, Senior Associate, Vera & Carvajal, Mexico City

“The representatives of the legal industry are typically hard-minded people. Liza and Jeffrey blend their professionalism with a personal touch that swiftly provokes inner analyses on the part of the program participants. Quite a challenge in these times. Silber, Vasquez & Associates is a top pick for thought provoking ideas in any legal practice. Thanks.”

Mauricio Bravo Fortoul, Partner, Turanzas, Bravo & Ambrosi, Mexico City

"...I've kept in mind your training regarding developing and maintaining connections, and there are more and more lawyers who now consider me their "go-to" person for all insurance-related matters. Therefore, I've been able to increase the amount of business I've generated compared to last year, and I anticipate doing even better next year …. Thanks for all of your help.”

Peter Roldan, Insurance Attorney, Partner Emergent, San Francisco

"A good course for experienced and young lawyers alike. Legal coaching steps in filling the void in our legal education: that is, the complicated art of attracting clients so as to actually have more legal work to apply our skills!"

Daniela Gadben, Associate, Suchodolski Advogados Associados, São Paulo, Brazil

“Your marketing course gave me excellent tips for dealing with potential clients. The time management "four quadrants” lesson was particularly important because I am anxious most of the time. Having those quadrants in my mind is important and helps me establish my priorities. Another good point was the networking process with focus on the relationship with the other person, the potential client. Incorporating what you taught us, makes it easier to deepen my relationship with the other person by knowing more about them. In addition to these important issues, the main point for me was the 20/80 proportion of listening more and speaking less. I realized now how important it is to listen more than to speak when dealing with clients and potential clients. Thank you, Jeffrey and Diego!"

Rodrigo da Fonseca Chauvet, Senior Associate, Trigueiro Fontes Advogados, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

"Jeffrey Silber is an extraordinary, insightful and thoughtful coach. My law firm decided to entrust him with the partners’ strategic marketing and personal branding development; however, he delivered so much more. Fully dedicated to his clients, who usually end up considering him a close and loyal friend, he provides useful and practical training that will surely help anyone (i) getting rid of embedded paradigms that hurt personal and professional development, (ii) set a complete personal branding and marketing plan and (iii) set a clear-cut course of action to reach new heights."

Jack S. Wolff, Partner, Mansur, Birman, Guakil & Wolff, Mexico City

"This coaching really helped me focus on my objectives and be creative about how to achieve them. Besides their professional qualities, Jeffrey and Liza's human kindness is outstanding. Thank you so much for your advice."

Sylvia Samano, Associate, Vera & Carvajal, Mexico City

"The coaching program I took with Silber, Vasquez & Associates gave my career an amazing boost. It surprised me how many potential clients I was letting pass by because I didn’t know how to make the right approach.  Becoming a partner was not even in my plans for the next several years.   However, the best outcome of my coaching experience with Liza and Jeffrey is that one year after starting the program with them, I became a partner. I am very thankful to Silber, Vasquez & Associates because of the positive changes they helped me make in my professional life."

Jaime Rodriguez, Partner at Ibarra, del Paso y Gallego, Mexico City

In retrospect I see that some of the basic paradigms I had about how clients are obtained and how business is retained in practice needed to be shifted. The coaching program with Liza and Jeffrey easily saved me ten years of wandering around, knocking on the wrong doors, and trying to figure all this out on my own.

Diogo Pereira, Partner, De Almeida Pereira, Washington DC

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