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Being a Successful Lawyer Comes From Bringing New Clients - The Ability to be a Rainmaker

A Product For Individual Lawyers

Let us Help You Become a Partner!

Whether you are already a partner in a law firm or an associate lawyer building your career, you may think that success results from being an excellent technical lawyer. It often comes as a shock when lawyers realize that the most important element for their success was not taught in law school and for which there is generally no mentoring program in their law firm: the art of obtaining new clients.

Great Rainmakers do not do extraordinary things. They do ordinary things extremely well. We will teach you what you need to do to be a great Rainmaker.

Since 1993, the partners of Silber, Vasquez & Associates have specialized in coaching lawyers in how to obtain new clients. We are not only practice development coaches but also we are Life and Business Coaches. In our copy-written program, Legal Marketing from the Inside Out, developed over a twenty year period, we will teach you all the most effective and proven techniques in obtaining clients. You do not have to be a senior partner with many years of experience to attract excellent clients.

For seven months, we will be your personal marketing coaches until you master the techniques and until everything you learned has become a habit. You will learn the neuro-linguistic techniques that make the difference between attracting and repelling clients. We will show you how easy it can be to overcome any shyness you may have about meeting new people and being able to talk to them.

During the first month, you will receive seven hours of teaching and coaching. These sessions are entirely confidential and private with your own personal coach. Then once each month for the following six months, you will have a one-hour coaching session to be sure that you are implementing all you have learned and until being a Rainmaker has become a habit. Also you will receive your own Participant’s Manual. The sessions will be via Skype.

A Product For Law Firms

Lawyers, among other professionals, are excellent at practicing their chosen careers, but they are usually not very good at listening to their clients, networking and growing their practice. To be sure, high-quality legal work must be the basic building block on which to grow a law firm. Perhaps the most important factor for success is not taught in law school – Marketing.

The ability to attract new clients, gain referrals from existing clients and receive even more legal work from satisfied clients is so important that many law firms require associates to bring in new business before being admitted into the partnership.

Certainly the practice of law is an ancient and respected profession involving legal advice, drafting and reviewing of documents, representation in court and before governmental agencies, legal defense, protection under the law, solving problems and general assistance, among many other services offered to clients. In addition, the practice of law is a business which can provide the members of law firms with financially and professionally fulfilling lives. And yet, the most intelligent, hard-working,creative and insightful lawyer can have no success without clients.

The traditional approach to law firm marketing has been to wait for satisfied clients to spread the word. Often law firms rely on a single well-connected partner to be the sole rainmaker while the other partners and the associates remain the worker bees buried in the law and paperwork.

Legal Marketing From the Inside Out is a unique program we have developed to show lawyers how easy it can be to attract new clients when they create all the conditions necessary to let the clients come to them. We work with every member of the law firm from the junior and senior associates to the partners to show them how they can effortlessly grow their law practice.


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