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Giving a Speech


Based on our extensive experience, Liza Vasquez and Jeffrey Silber are available to be your speakers for lunch-and-learn meetings, for organizational retreats and other professional or networking organization meetings. Liza and Jeffrey are based in the San Francisco Bay Area but they will travel in the US, Europe and Latin America to attend these speaking engagements.

Inasmuch as Liza is a Certified Master Coach specializing on issues of women in the work place, she is available to speak on the biggest workplace challenge facing all women: Creating a balance between family and career. Also, the gender gap is closing but women are still subject to workplace discrimination and earn less than males holding the same jobs. Liza will discuss how women can establish their own network of contacts. From years of working in Latin America she has also worked closely with business women in Mexico and Brazil, who find dramatic differences when working with their American counterparts, making this a sensitive, but necessary topic to navigate successfully.

Since 1994, Jeffrey has been immersed in the Latin American business community. No one expects that just because France and Germany share a border that their social, business customs and practices would be the same. Doing business in Brazil and Mexico is not the same as doing business in the USA except in Portuguese or Spanish. It is very easy to lose a deal in these countries by being culturally inept and saying or doing the wrong thing. Jeffrey will speak to your law firm, legal organization or any networking group interested in growing their business in Latin America. In his remarks on Ten Ways to Grow Your Business in Latin America and Ten Cultural Faux Pas to Avoid in Latin America, he will open your eyes to success in the rest of our hemisphere.

Also, for law and accounting firms, Jeffrey can speak about how to Create Professional Contacts and then Converting them into More and Better Clients.

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