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Issues Facing Women in Business

Many of the biggest workplace challenges facing all women revolve around gender. Are women still subject to workplace discrimination? Why do females still earn less than males holding the same jobs? How can women obtain equal access to investment capital and financing? How can a woman establish her own network of contacts? Will the glass ceiling ever be shattered? How can she create a balance between family and career?

In her weekly group sessions consisting of five Women in Business, Liza Vasquez takes the group through all the issues they face in their struggle to obtain both a successful career and a fulfilled personal life and the balance between the two. Liza brings her own 25 years of experience as a female executive in US and International companies to create awareness and strategies to enable the group members to design and achieve their individual goals.

Issues Facing Latin Women in Business in the US

In addition to the issues facing all women, Latin Women in Business face problems unique to them. Their traditional cultural barriers include: lack of role models; the view that a woman’s place is in the home; the perception that a working wife makes her husband look bad, especially if she is more successful and earns more than he does; the lack of logistical support from her husband in raising the children; her family not providing her with the emotional support and encouragement she needs; lack of encouragement to pursue higher education because it is not something for girls; and frequently issues arising out of having a relationship with a non-Latin man who does not understand the Latin mentality.

The additional problems Latin Women in Business face in the workplace are: the image of the Latin woman as a sex symbol not to be taken seriously; and double discrimination for being both a woman and a Latina. This is a special group of women for whom Liza is especially experienced and trained to help.

Weekend Retreats

Twice each year, Liza Vasquez-Silber arranges weekend retreats in the Bay Area for her women’s groups. As a member of these groups you will learn more about the timing of the weekend retreats.

Please contact Liza to arrange for individual or group coaching sessions.

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