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Obtaining New Clients in the Digital World

Prior to March 2020, there were trends in the digital world that were already in progress, but they were coming into our daily lives slowly, until the sudden implementation of social restriction due to the COVID pandemic and the reality of remote work forced some dramatic changes upon us, basically overnight. 

As early as May 2020, Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft said: “We’ve seen two years’ worth of digital transformation in two months.” And since then, the pace of transformation of the workplace has only accelerated.

Inasmuch as a large part of the promotional activities of lawyers has traditionally depended on in-person networking, meeting potential clients face-to-face, this digital work on social media, Webinars, Blogs and so forth, has left many lawyers at a complete loss about how to promote themselves.

In 1915, Capt. Oswald Boelcke, a WWI flying ace wrote An Aviator’s Field Book. There is no doubt that the machines of aerial combat have changed radically from the wood and canvas airplanes of the First World War to the modern supersonic jet fighter planes of today.

Nonetheless, every combat pilot today still reads Capt. Boelcke’s book as part of their training. Why is that? Only the modalities of aerial combat have changed, but not the tactics. Having a wingman to protect an attacking fighter; hiding in the sun and diving down on your enemy; they all remain the same as they were a hundred years ago. 

When desktop computers came into law firms in the 1980’s, they were considered as tools for secretaries and self-respecting lawyers would never have a computer on their desk, they simply continued giving dictation.

In the 1990’s, the more senior lawyers said “What the hell is this Internet? This can never replace real research in the library.”   As time marched on, many lawyers were perplexed by email, later text and WhatsApp messages, thinking nothing could replace a letter or a telephone call.   

Many older lawyers still think that the firm’s website is a set-it-and-forget-it affair because it is only an electronic brochure.  But no visitor to your website will return a second time to re-read the same information.

The point is, whether you are comfortable with the digital world or not, we are firmly in it. The world will never, completely, go back to the way it was pre-March 2020.

As part of our Coaching Program for lawyers and other professional services providers, we take our clients into the digital world.  We take out students through the use of the various electronic methods of communication and promotion. We show our participants how to find the real prospects in an audience when they make an in-person live speech and how to pull a much larger Webinar audience who are the real prospects they need to follow up with.

We take the mystery out of Blogs, Podcasts, and posting online articles. We show our clients how to develop a powerful Personal Brand in the digital world by becoming a Thought Leader, a Trusted Advisor, and Visible Expert using the new tools.

For those lawyers who become conversant with the new tools. There are actually far more opportunities now than before March 2020 because geographical boundaries and time zones are no longer barriers.

Our coaching program combines the traditional methods of locating and conquering decision makers with the even more effective digital tools of the New Normal.   It is an exciting world for those lawyers who know how to participate. And we teach and coach our clients in the most effective ways for them to be an active and successful  part of the world that is emerging in the second quarter of the 21st Century.

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