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Jeffrey is a Certified Master Coach in Business, Legal, Professional and Life Coaching. He became a Coach because he “wanted to share the secrets of building a happy, fulfilling and successful life with those who want this for themselves.”

He set out to structure his own life with intellectual challenges, financial goals, a great deal of international travel, free time and personal fulfillment. Jeffrey achieved all these goals by being a CPA on Wall St. with the International Accounting Firm Arthur Andersen & Co.; the Executive V.P. of a Financial Services firm in Los Angeles; a New York City real estate developer; the founder of a charity to help inner-city children with scholarships in the Arts; Member of the Board of Trustees and Treasurer of three museums; the Latin America Regional Director of Martindale-Hubbell and the owner of a pharmaceutical company in Mexico. Jeffrey turned the failing pharmaceutical company into a profitable success and negotiated its sale to an international pharmaceutical giant from India.

“When it comes to turning a vision into reality and thoroughly enjoying the process, I am an expert. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than providing my clients with the tools, support and structure they need to create their own fulfilling, successful, happier and more productive lives.”

Jeffrey has an MBA degree and is a Certified Life and Business Coach. Among other areas of expertise, he has depth experience in the marketing of professional services such as for lawyers and accountants. Together with his business partner, Liza Vasquez, over a twenty year period, they developed the unique and copy-written approach called “Legal Marketing from the Inside Out.”

In the early 1990's, it was the late Stephen R. Covey who personally taught Jeffrey the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People at the Covey Leadership Center in Provo, Utah. The essence of the Seven Habits can still be found in the coaching work he provides to organizations and to his individual coaching clients.

Jeffrey’s clients are located primarily in the US, Mexico, Brazil and China. He has a thorough knowledge of the culture and legal markets in these countries. Jeffrey is a native New Yorker and he speaks fluent Spanish and Portuguese frequently doing his coaching work in those languages.

Jeffrey asks you “Let me help you, your organization and your team achieve a level of effectiveness that you did not think possible and find fulfillment along the way.”


City University of New York, Baruch College,
MBA Degree in Finance

City College of New York
Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting
New York State Regents Scholarship


Coach University, Life Coaching Advanced Program Graduate

Covey Leadership Center, Trained Facilitator in the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

Licenses and Accreditations

International Coach Federation, Associate Certified Coach

Certified Master Coach, Western Institute of Spiritual Psychology


International Coach Federation

Legal Marketing Association, International Taskforce Committee

Civic Activities

  • 2009 – 2012, Mexican Museum of the Arts, San Francisco
    Treasurer and Member of the Board of Trustee

  • 1991 – Short-Listed for Landmarks Preservation Commissioner of New York City

  • 1990 – 1994, Lehman College Art Gallery, New York City
    Member of the Board of Trustees

  • 1986 – 1994, Bronx Museum of the Arts, New York City
    Treasurer and Member of the Board of Trustees

  • 1985, Received Proclamation of Recognition from California Governor George Deukmejian For Charitable Work with South Bronx Youth.

  • 1984, Received Proclamation of Recognition from Mayor Tom Bradley and the Los Angeles City Council For Charitable Work with South Bronx Youth.

  • 1983, Created the Bronx Alumni Art Society Scholarship Fund in the Arts for Talented South Bronx High School Students

Additional Information


Golden Gate University, School of Law, San Francisco USA

Native English, Excellent Spanish, Very Good Portuguese, knowledge of German and Italian

Born US Citizen
Mexican Immigration Status: Inmigrado (Equivalent to the Green Card in the US)

Mexico City and San Francisco

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