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Giving a Presentation


Consulting for Creating Effective Webinars

Just because using Webinars as a promotional tool has become simple to mount, does not mean that it is easy to create an effective one. We can help you create truly effective webinars.

To begin with, it is neither natural nor easy to give a good on camera performance. Actors spend years learning how to do this, but lawyers think that just turning on their computer and starting to talk is good enough.  It is not.

Liza Vasquez, president of Silber, Vasquez & Associates has been an acting coach in Hollywood and New York and has also directed Off-Broadway theater. She can  improve your on-camera presentation skills to near professional levels.

Because of their potential effectiveness, we have been recommending Webinars to our clients long before Zoom, and other similar software, made it so simple. Inasmuch as it is so easy nowadays, a tsunami of Webinars has drowned the legal world in very poor-quality presentations that have little to no effectiveness.

Recent research shows that by October 2020, the typical chief in-house counsel receives more than thirty Webinar invitations every week!  How can they possibly decide which ones to attend?  And the frightening part of the research shows that the majority of those who decided to attend any particular Webinar, left after only ten minutes.

What the hell is going on!

In a nutshell, here is the problem. Today’s internet audience is expecting high-level production values. A TV channel would spend many hours in  preparation and rehearsals for one hour of airtime.  Do lawyers do that? Not at all. Typically, the organizer tells each presenter how much time they will have to speak, they usually never rehearse together, and  in many cases, they never even meet before they are on the air together. 

If you want to put on a successful Webinar that will create loyal viewers who cannot wait for your next broadcast, and which converts more of the audience into serious prospects and ultimately into fee-pay clients, let Silber, Vasquez & Associates help you structure your next Webinar.

For coaching regarding your on-camera performance, please contact Liza Vasquez at

And to discuss our consulting for putting on effective webinars, please contact Jeffrey Silber at

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