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Resolution of Disputes Among Partners

It is a blessing when law partners can agree on every issue. But they usually do not. Even among the founding partners, over time, friction, rivalries and jealousies develop.

A law firm is a business not a social club.   If you are friends with your law partners, that’s wonderful.  You should be working with your partners in a friendly collegial atmosphere to provide excellent service but you should not expect your partners to be your friends.

Many law partners think that breaking up the law firm is the answer. That would be a rather extreme approach to resolving differences, and this is where Silber, Vasquez & Associates comes in. As Life and Business Coaches specializing in lawyers and law firms, we help the partners see the value of maintain the firm together while finding solutions to these and other common problems, among partners:

·          Division of client credits 

·          Definition of financial and professional goals 

·          Commitment, both tangible and intangible contributions 

·          Distribution of shares and voting rights

·          Setting billing goals and bonuses 

·          Sharing associates and setting priorities for their work 

·          New Hires

·          Speaking Engagements

·          Rankings

·          Retirement age 

·          Authorizing expenses 

·          Admission of new partners 

·          Powers and limits of the powers of the Managing Partner 

·          Excessive time away from the office

 No one should live or work in a constant crisis. Do any of these problems on the list above sound familiar? There is no reason to live or work in an unpleasant environment.  Contact us for a free assessment of your situation and for a proposal of our services to help you resolve these issues. 

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