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Jeffrey Silber Returns to China – July 2016

n April 2015, Jeffrey took his first trip to China spending a week in Beijing. He visited his son who was living in Beijing at the time. While there, he made appointments with several Chinese law firms. Following his own advice, he spent a year keeping in monthly contact with these four firms. In March…

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You Don’t Have to be Rembrandt to Enjoy Painting

When I was a child and received a set of electric trains, I enjoyed playing with them immensely but not in the way you probably think.  What I enjoyed most was painting the scenery behind the trains.  I suppose this should have been a clue for my parents to encourage me to pursue a career…

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Ten Rules for Success as a Lawyer

July 1, 2016 Ten Rules for Success as a Lawyer By Jeffrey F. Silber and Liza Vasquez Certified Master Business and Life Coaches Avoid Procrastination – Putting things off is a terrible self-imposed barrier to being a successful Rainmaker. The roots of this illness are many – fears, laziness, a heavy workload, other priorities and…

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